Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving with My Kids

Here I am in Grandmahood. Awe - I now understand what a joy it is. I had all three boys, my sweet little girl, my daughter-in-law and my precious grandson in for Thanksgiving. Cody and I cooked a feast. We watched movies, took pictures, hung Christmas lights and went running. The boys also did some chores for me - what good boys. Just an absolutely great holiday. Thank you God for all your blessings!

The picture says it all. What a good boy he is.

It's never a get together without the boys comparing their 'guns'. Cody has them all beat this year.

My Kids!

What a great mommy!

Da Kids!

The Crew and Kru :-).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Visit from Tony, Rikki and Kru

I must tell you, it is like traveling back in time looking at this beautiful baby boy - my grandchild. Again, it feels like such a miracle - God's creation. He looks so much like Tony around his forehead and eyes. The lower part of his face looks like Rikki. It is just the coolest feeling. He is very aware, smiles and is very strong. Emily fell for him as soon as she saw him and was so glad to get to hold him. Normally her baby dolls are all girls - well, Jennifer (her latest doll) has become Max. It is cute to see her baby talk to Kru.

It is such a joy seeing Tony and Rikki as parents. I watched Tony give him a bath. Wow! Tony and Rikki are such a great couple. I am so pleased that they found each other - best friends - and now a family. If all goes well, on Wednesday, Cody will be cooking Thanksgiving and all three of my boys and Emily will be here for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having them all here very much. Hopefully, I will be sending out family pictures on my Christmas Cards.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trick or Treat

Yes, I know, it is the middle of November and I am just now getting around to posting. We went with a friend and her daughter trick-or-treating - probably one of my most enjoyable Halloweens. The weather was perfect. We walked while trick-or-treating to the Rejoice Trunk-Or-Treat. There was so much candy. I had never been to a trunk-or-treat. What a great idea!

This is Emily's friend Jessica. Jessica helps me about 4 days a week for an hour and a half. Emily absolutely adores her. Jessica was dressed up a Katora from The Avatar - a show they both love.

Emily and Olivia ready to trick-or-treat! Olivia got lots of great comments on her hair. It was too cute.

Of course, we always have to buy a costume for Emily's dog Jessica. She is very hard to catch on camera.

The end of the night. I love taking pics of Em when she is sleeping. Here she is with Lindsey the Orca, her Manatee from Sea World and a host of other special friends.