Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keeping in Touch

Since it has been awhile, I thought I would get out a little update.  Emily is 13 now.  She went horse back riding with some friends for her birthday. She is playing club volleyball and really likes it.  She is in public school, taking AP classes and is in band and jazz band.  She is doing well.  Me, I am very busy with my bow business.  It is not making me rich by any means but it is enjoyable and helps.  I like to garden and I still run with my besties.  I still bike but not like I was, same thing with swimming.  Just not the season I guess.  My three grandsons Kru, Jax and Jet are 5, 3, and 1 and are an absolute joy - total boys but so much fun.  My daughter-in-law is a stay at home mom at the moment and doing well with it.  Tony is still an SRO officer.  Greg is working in downtown Hollywood and loves it.  Cody is doing well and works out of town a lot.  He still lives in Seminole, OK.  I visited Oklahoma earlier this year.  I got to see my dear friend Jami, Bob (Jim's brother) and Cody.  It was a quick trip to visit my stores that I see bows in.  I also visited my parents in Altus.  Anyway, that is a quick update.