Sunday, August 1, 2010

Santa Barbara Train Trip

Emily wanted to ride on a train so we decided to take a trip to Santa Barbara. Everyone has told me how beautiful it is and I was not disappointed. Absolutely stunning! I reserved Amtrak tickets but we had to take the Metrolink to get to Amtrak. We missed the first train, drove to the next station, missed it too. So we waited knowing we missed our Amtrak but it all worked out. Amtrak was great, beautiful ride up the coast. Emily enjoyed the cafe and making some new friends. Our hotel was great - across from the beach. We rented some sort of pedal car - a really good workout - doubtful if we do that again. We went to Stern's Wharf and went to the Sea Museum, went shopping (I could have really enjoyed that but Emily is not much into shopping), went swimming in the pool. The next day we went downtown and saw several historical sites and visited an art museum. We caught the train for home about 3pm. It was a great trip.
This is the view out of the Amtrak window.

Emily playing puppets in the Sea Museum.

Santa Barbara Beach

Our hotel room

This was the hotel we stayed in.

We pedaled this along the bike path for 3 to 4 miles.

This is the bike path along the beach.