Monday, December 28, 2009

New Shelves

My son Greg built some shelves for me during Christmas vacation. They turned out exactly how I wanted them. They will soon be filled with books and pictures.

BEFORE (This is before we put flooring, etc.)


A Day With Kru

I got the privilege of watching my grandson the whole day Sunday. He and Emily helped me wash his Mommy's car. He loves the water. Afterwards we had a spaghetti dinner then worked on the inside of the car. He and Emily played in the back until he fell asleep sitting on Emily's lap. She told me if she were a little older, she would be a great Mommy.

Christmas 2009

It was a great blessing to have all three of my sons and Emily as well as Rikki, her mom and brother here for Christmas. We had dinner then opened gifts. Everyone was pleased and thankful. This was Kru's first Christmas to actually unwrap presents. He had a blast. We went to Sea World the day before. Notice Tony riding with Kru on a pink pig. Our city has a traveling Santa that stopped in our neighborhood. Emily sat in Santa's lap and told him what she wanted without any prodding this year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Trip to PennyPickles Museum

Emily and I love to go to the PennyPickles Museum in Temecula (the next town over). We have been there three times and still find it fasinating. This time we also walked around town and looked at other shops and had dinner. We have a pretty good time together.

June's Visit

My sister came for a visit last month. She is such a sweet soul. I had to leave while she was here and go to my father-in-laws funeral so I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked. She came on Thursday and left on Tuesday. My sister, like myself, works way too much but she is happier that way. While she was here she planted trees for me in the backyard, put up wire mesh to keep Emily's escape artist dog in, painted my spare bedroom (it is no longer neon pink), planted greenery at my entrance, power washed and scraped my deck outside my bedroom and painted it and put up security pins in my sliding glass doors. She is just simply amazing. I told her she had a place to stay anytime. Thank you June.
Here are some after pics: