Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ok, so it has been nearly six months since I updated this blog.  Where does the time go?  Life is busy; I can say that much.  We are doing well.  Emily is now in 5th grade and really enjoying school, her friends and life in general.  We still belong to the same wonderful church and love going there and being involved.  I still run, bike, swim.  I am training now for Grandma's marathon in Minnesota on June 16th, 2012.  It will be my birthday.
As for the last few months, I will summarize our events.  In July of 2011, we went to family camp with the church.  I borrowed Tony's camper and drove about an hour to the hills behind Irvine lake.  We had a great time.  In August, Emily and I drove up Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco, Davis and Sacremento.  We are such good traveling buddies.  Along the way we saw beautiful untouched coastline, 3 missions, the Hurst Mansion, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pier 51, did a trolley tour of San Francisco (that was the way to go), stopped at several beaches, visited my friends Jim and Zora Fowler (love those two).  We then went to Sacremento to visit the capitol building and see a historical fort.  It was a great vacation.  I can't tell you the beauty my eyes have seen here.  God is so magnificent and to think this is nothing compared to what is to come - just blows me away.
I did my first marathon in about 12 years at St. George Utah.  It was great.  I remembered why I liked them so much.  I also did several organized bike rides.  One of them was an all girls bike ride (the Goldilocks Ride) in Las Vegas.  Greg and Emily worked one of the sag stations.  It was so cool seeing them there.  They got a free shirt and they both rocked at their station.  I was diagnosed in November 2011 with stage 0 breast cancer - went through all that.  All is well.  My parents came to see us and June flew in.  I even spoke with my sister in Reno.  We had a great Christmas.  Tony and his family, Greg, Cody, Ben, Chris and his family, Nick, Dan and family, Dave and family were all over my house to celebrate.  Good times.    We ended and began the year with a trip to the dunes near Yuma to visit with Dave and Barb and their extended camp family.  Tony and Rikki went with us and had a blast.  So much so, they wanted to go in Feb. and meet the group again.  This time, they bought Kru a four-wheeler and I rented Emily one.  It was a great trip.  I always have fun with that group.  I did a half marathon in Surf City - Huntington Beach with a very good friend and her husband.  Fun times.  So after all that, I am going to try to keep this updated a little better.  It is already March.  God bless!!