Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kru is Crawling

I went to California this past week looking for a house. Emily stayed in Arizona with her Aunt Carla and was not ready to leave. She had such a great time playing with Lindsey and visiting the Nutes. I also got to spend the night with them. Getting to know them better has truely been a blessing to us. While I was at California, Kru was real close to crawling. Tony sent me the following video yesterday. Kru is hearing the word 'no' a lot more now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

OKC Memorial

I have been contemplating (praying and researching) home schooling for Emily this coming year so we went to a home school convention in OKC. While we were there, we met a friend of mine, Diana, and went to the OKC Memorial. This was Emily's first time and she had so many questions, read all the plaques and took lots of pictures. The designers did a really great job capturing the spirit of that moment in time.

Emily took this picture of the one chair for each person.

My dear friend Diana - we used to do a lot of biking and running together.

Emily and I in front of the wall.