Monday, October 26, 2009

Kru's First Birthday Party

We had a great Halloween/Birthday party for Kru's first birthday! Tony, Rikki, and her mom, Deb, decorated the house and made all kinds of fun things to snack on. Lots of friends and family. Kru had a great time but was really exhausted at the end. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Catching Up

Last weekend we went to the beach and stayed with Jim's sister Carla and family. We had a great time. Chris and Carla are such great hosts. Emily and Lindsay play so well together. We rode the roller coaster and Emily got a henna tattoo. She got to surf and was so proud of herself. She got to stay an extra day with them (without me). They brought her home and had lunch with us before heading back to Arizona.

Emily had another basketball game tonight. She is starting to get the hang of things and getting a little more confident. Today I worked on painting my fence. Lowe's suggested spray paint so after 5 cans and my hands cramping, I think I will take a different approach. I did find out today that it is illegal to sell spray paint to any one under 18. You also have to register you pet and you can't have more than three.

On another note, my neighbor edged my yard for me today. I have not been able to find my weed eater battery and not ready to buy a new one yet. So Emily made a really cute thank you card and I baked them a dozen cookies to thank them.

The weather has been wonderful!

Here is a few pictures from the beach. I always like it when I can get a great sunset. My brother-in-law Bob enjoys them.