Sunday, June 27, 2010

Murrieta Birthday Bash

We live in a town of about 101,500 people. They had a birthday bash this weekend with lots of blow up and carnival rides. There were bands and food and lots of families set up in tents to enjoy the day. At night they did a big fireworks display. We had a great time. My favorite was the annual 'hose the kids down' event put on by the firefighters. It was so cute. It is amazing how much kids love the water. Emily and the new friend she made was right on the front row. Luckily she had wore her bathing suit under her clothes because she got drenched between that and the water rides. She slept great last night.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Venice Beach

Today we went to Venice Beach - Greg, Emily and myself. It is a beautiful beach with a lot of sandy shoreline. We also went to Muscle Beach - it was ok. It is part of Venice Beach. There are vendors up and down the road next to the beach. A lot of unique people selling their goods - a lot of talent. Not sure who was the most unique - the vendors or some of the people walking up and down the road. Driving home was not fun - traffic - eeek!

15 Mile Trail Run - Big Bear California

Sunday, several members of my running group, myself and a friend of mine from Arizona did the Holcomb Valley Trail Run. Suzy, and others did the 33 mile run. I don't think I could do that. She is great at it and came in 1st in her age group. And yes (I don't know why), there were several people running the 33 miler, in fact, it was sold out. Anyway, it was a great trail but I have been injured and didn't run 10 days before the race. I quit running, hoping to get some healing in. I am still injured and plan on going to the doctor. I say this because I figure that is why I fell down six times during the race. It doesn't explain why I made the wrong turn and did an extra 2 miles. So I get to enter 17 miles in my log book. Here are some pictures from the race. It was a lot of fun just not my day.