Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Joy of Running

There are those times when you feel you can run forever. Today I promised myself I would quit running after 6 miles and walk because my lower body still feels like it has been beat up with a baseball bat after this weekend's trail race. I have a tendency to overdo things so I have to make these limits for myself. I am running in the area that I live, going up, up hills and taking turns I had not taken before and still running up. Actually, there are very few areas around here that are not hilly. I look at the spectacular country side, the mountains, the landscape, the rolling hills of beautiful trees and homes and I just feel so close to God. I feel like his spirit has lifted me up into his arms and is carrying me as I run. He must have big things for me because he has so truly blessed me. What a beautiful world he created for us. It just absolutely takes my breath away. I am so in awe of the loving, kind, glorious, gracious God that so loves us and gives us eternal life. Anyway, today was a great run. It is wonderful to have those moments. Here are a few pictures of the trail run and my pretty girl that went to church camp this weekend.