Friday, April 24, 2009


Hallelujah: to express praise or joy. Yup, that is what I feel. Last night my sweet daughter gave her heart to Jesus. She has been thinking about it quite a while and went to the class last summer at church but just wasn't ready. Last night, she took her Bible out on the balcony to read before bedtime and came in and said "Mommy, I want to give my heart to Jesus and be baptized." She wanted to listen to her favorite Christian song, read the Bible about the Crucifiction and Resurrection and then she said she would be ready. I left her to herself. She called me in about 45 minutes later and we prayed and she asked Jesus for forgiveness and asked to be saved and promised her heart. Awww! She said she wanted to be babtized this Sunday. I asked her if she remembered that was the anniversary of her Daddy's death. She thought for a minute or two and said that was ok - she wanted to be babtized. So this Sunday, I will be Babtizing her at our church. We will get to celebrate her new life on the same day as Jim began his new life. Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Checking In

It's been a while since I updated this blog. April has been busy. I went to California to look at houses, almost bought one but they found termites. I am going to look one more time with a trip planned in May. While I was in California, I stayed with my Grandson. Awww..he is just too cute. I have updated pictures. Emily stayed with my friend Joni who was her kindergarten teacher. She got a new pet while she was there - a hermit crab. We now have 3 pets - a dog, a fish and a crab. I am not a pet person but.. Emily had a blast and came back so happy to see me and feeling so special to get to stay with Joni. Joni is one of our angels that God has put in our lives.

Easter was busy for hairbows so my little fingers were working night and day. On the 19th, I did the Claremore Triathlon - first time in probably 12 years. It was fun training for it as I have had a couple friends to train with. We even took swim lessons. I really think they helped my swim. Anyway, the triathlon was fun and I think I may do some more in the future. That's it for now.

Funky Picture but look at those leg muscles. :-)

More Angels!


My sweet little grandson. Yummy!