Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flower Fields of Carlsbad

Today we visited the Flower Fields of Carlsbad. It was the last day to tour the fields and it was misting rain but we went anyway. I love flowers, love to grow them, see them, smell them, love to put them in vases. Flowers display God's power and beauty as much as anything I can think of. They are so delicate, grown from dirt and sunshine, and yet so perfect in every detail. It just blows me away. We also enjoyed some strawberry shortcake while we were there. The rain quit and the sun came out. Afterwards we drove down Pacific Coast Highway past Leucadia to Encinitas and ate at a favorite place of mine - Moseys. We then stopped at Moonlight Beach. Emily played on the playground while Greg walked around on the beach and took pictures. We then continued up the coast to Oceanside and walked out on the Pier. Emily saw two kids in her class while we were there. It is a small world no matter where you go. On the way home, we stopped by Super Smoothies. All their smoothies are named for super heroes or villains - another of my favorite places. It was a good day to spend with my kids.

Lots of different types of flowers.

At the Flower Fields.

My sweet girl.

Some of the flowers.  We also went into a Sweet Pea Maze.

Greg at Moonlight Beach.

I love orange roses.

Cute playground.

A new type of poinsettias due to come out next year.

The dew on the roses.

Wild Animal Park 4/24/2011

We went to the Wild Animal Park with a friend of mine, Aida, and her three boys. We left early and stayed all day. We had such a great time. Aida and I really enjoyed all the foliage. We took the tour around the park to see the giraffes, zebras, elephants and a bunch of different kinds of goatish animals. Emily was ecstatic because she got to see an owl. She is all about owls these days. The kids really enjoyed feeding the birds.
What a fun bunch!

I have a thing for this flower - bird of paradise.  They just amaze me.

These birds are so brilliantly colored.  Kids had a blast feeding them.

This was the butterfly garden.

Dressing up as butterflies.

On the bus tour.  There were a lot of giraffes.
Kids inside a gourde.

The birds took a liking to Nathaniel.